Membership shall be from January 1 through December 31 and shall entitle the member to the right to vote at annual meetings or by online ballot; to receive the publications of the Association; and other privileges as spelled out in the TLA Bylaws. Payment of dues by new members after October 1 of any year shall cover the dues for the remainder of the current year and also the following year. Membership includes choice of one Section and one Roundtable -- choices are listed on the online membership form.

Whether joining TLA for the first time or renewing your current or previous membership, please do so online via this website. You will be offered two payment options:

  1. Pay be credit card on this website (TLA is PCI Compliant)
  2. Print an invoice that can be mailed with a check to the TLA Office

Renew TLA Membership (Individual or Institutional)

Please login to the TLA webiste and click Renew on your Member Portal.

Join TLA for the First Time (Individual)

Individuals click here to join TLA. All new individual members are automatically given membership in the New Members Roundtable at no additional charge. You will be able to choose your member type on the next screen (Business Representative, Joint TLA/TASL, Life Member, Regular, Student, Trustee, Friend, or Retired Library Personnel).

Join TLA for the First Time (Institutional)

Institutions click here to join TLA.

Student Membership Options

Option 1: Joint ALA/TLA Student Membership (ALA will provide TLA a portion of the joint membership dues and your membership information. Click here for the joint ALA/TLA Student Membership form.

Option 2: TLA (only) Student Membership Use the "join" or "renew" options above

TLA Dues Structure

Regular (library personnel / annual salary)

 Up to $9,999  $15
 $10,000-$19,999  $30
$20,000-29,999 $45
$30,000-39,999 $60
$40,000-49,999 $75
$50,000-59,999 $90
$60,000-69,999 $105
$70,000-$79,999 $120
$80,000-89,999 $135
$90,000 and above $150


TLA only (Renewable three years) $15
Joint ALA/TLA See ALA website

Other Member Types

Joint TLA/TASL Choose dues amount based upon regular members salary scale above and subtract $30
Trustee, Friend, Retired Library Personnel $30
Business Representative $100
Life Membership $1,000

Institutional (based on operating budget)

Up to $50,000 $35
$50,001-$250,000 $75
$250,001-$400,000 $100
$400,001-$750,000 $150
$750,001 and above $200

 Member Involvement Form

After joining TLA, take a moment to complete the Member Involvement Form



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