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TL v58n3: 2007 Tennessee Bibliography: Juvenile Titles
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Tennessee Libraries 

Volume 58 Number 3



2007 Tennessee Bibliography: Juvenile Titles


Ed Sullivan
Library Media Specialist
Knox County Schools

2007 Tennessee Bibliography—Juvenile Titles

Allard, Harry. Starlight Goes to Town. Illus. George Booth. Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2007. Juvenile.
Starlight LaPoule, better known as Ethel-Fae Klucksworth, is very unhappy living on a poultry farm in Tennessee, but when her fairy godmother gives her the ability to make her wishes come true, the results are unexpected.

Allen, Charles Fletcher. David Crockett, Scout: Small boy, Pilgrim, Mountaineer, Soldier, Bear-hunter, and Congressman: Defender of the Alamo. Kessinger, 2007. Juvenile.

Barrett, Tracy. Tennessee. Marshall Cavendish/Benchmark, 2007. Juvenile.
Provides comprehensive information on the geography, history, wildlife, governmental structure, economy, cultural diversity, peoples, religion, and landmarks of Tennessee.

Bradley, Kimberly Brubaker. Leap of Faith. Dial, 2007. Juvenile.
Forced to attend a Catholic middle school because of her conduct, Abigail discovers a talent for theater and develops a true religious faith. The author is a resident of Bristol.

Buckley, Carol. Just for Elephants. Tilbury House, 2007. Juvenile.
The Elephant Sanctuary in Hohenwold, Tennessee.

Collard, Sneed B. David Crockett: Fearless Frontiersman. Marshall Cavendish/ Benchmark, 2007. Juvenile
A biography of the famous 19th-century frontiersman, politician, and Alamo defender.

Gamble, Adam. Goodnight Tennessee. Illus. Joseph Veno. Our World of Books, 2007.
Easy-to-read text introduces the sights of Tennessee through a full day of sightseeing.

Gilbert, Sara. The Story of the Memphis Grizzlies. Creative Education, 2007. Juvenile.

Gould, Terry L. The Adventures of Sir Sniffsalot and His Friends. Huntington Ludlow Media Group, 2007. Juvenile.
The author is a resident of Murfreesboro.

Gratz, Alan. Something Rotten: A Horatio Wilkes Mystery. Dial, 2007. Juvenile.
In a contemporary story based on Shakespeare's Hamlet, Horatio Wilkes seeks to solve the murder of his friend Hamilton Prince's father in Denmark, Tennessee.

Hanna, Larry. Surprise Attack!: The Battle of Shiloh. Illus. Ron Wagner and Scott Moore.
Rosen, 2007.
The Civil War battle told in graphic novel format.

Harkins, Susan Sale and William H. Sam Houston. Mitchell Lane, 2007. Juvenile.
Examines the life of Sam Houston.

Hemphill, Helen. Runaround. Front Street, 2007. Juvenile.
In Kentucky in the 1960s, partly as revenge against her older sister for publicly embarrassing her, eleven-year-old Sassy decides to make the handsomest boy in the neighborhood her boyfriend, but first she has to find out what makes a boy like a girl, and how to know when he does. The author is a resident of Nashville.

Hutchings, Juliana. A Horse to Remember. Raven, 2007. Juvenile.
When Hilary's family moves from Delaware to a small town in Tennessee, she forms a connection with a wild stallion that seems as lonely and out of place as she is and decides to secretly train him to save him from the slaughterhouse.

Johnston, Tony. Bone by Bone by Bone. Roaring Brook, 2007. Juvenile.
In 1950s Tennessee, ten-year-old David's racist father refuses to let him associate with his best friend Malcolm, an African American boy.

McDaniel, Lurlene. Hit and Run. Delacorte, 2007. Juvenile.
Events surrounding the hit and run accident of a popular high school student are told from the viewpoints of those involved, including the victim. The author is a resident of Chattanooga.

McKissack, Patricia C. Abby Takes a Stand. Illus. Gordon C. James. Scholastic, 2007.
Gee recalls for her grandchildren what happened in 1960 in Nashville, Tennessee, when she, aged ten, passed out flyers while her cousin and other adults held sit-ins at restaurants and lunch counters to protest segregation.

Mirabella, Erin. Gracie Goat's Big Bike Race. Illus. Lisa Horstman. Velo Press, 2007. Juvenile.
When Howard Horse invites his friends to ride in the Summer Corn Festival Bike Race, everyone is excited to join in the fun. Everyone, that is, except Gracie Goat. Gracie is the only one who doesn't know how to ride a bike. The illustrator is a Knoxville resident.

Rand, Jonathan. Terrifying Toys of Tennessee. AudioCraft, 2007. Juvenile.
Eric Carter, Mark Bruder, and Shayleen Mills are three friends in Murfreesboro, Tennessee who sense that all is not right with a toy store that will be opening soon.

Roberts, Russell. Davy Crockett. Mitchell Lane, 2007. Juvenile.
Examines the life of Davy Crockett.

Schaefer, A.R. Bristol Motor Speedway. Capstone, 2007. Juvenile
Discusses the track design, history and exciting races at Bristol Motor Speedway.

Skurzynski, Gloria. Night of the Black Bear: A Mystery in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. National Geographic Society, 2007.
While their mother investigates a series of bear attacks in and near Gatlinburg, Tennessee, Jack and Ashley learn about country music and Cherokee people from two new friends, one of whom is keeping a secret.

Sullivan, Edward T. The Ultimate Weapon: The Race to Develop the Atomic Bomb. Holiday House, 2007. Juvenile.
The story of the Manhattan Project during World War II. Illustrated with archival photographs. The author is a resident of Oak Ridge.

Whting, Jim. The Scopes Monkey Trial. Mitchell Lane, 2007. Juvenile.
Examines the 1925 trial in which John T. Scopes was accused of violating a recently passed Tennessee state law preventing the teaching of the theory of evolution.

Yancey, Richard. Alfred Kropp: The Seal of Solomon. Bloomsbury, 2007. Juvenile.
The last descendant of Sir Lancelot, teenage misfit Alfred Kropp of Knoxville, Tennessee, is drawn back into the OIPEP to battle a group of demons bent on freeing themselves from the confines of an ancient relic.


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