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TL v58n3: 2007 Tennessee Bibliography
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Tennessee Libraries 

Volume 58 Number 3



2007 Tennessee Bibliography


Lucinda Scanlon, MLIS


Subjects include : ART/ ARTS & CRAFTS, POETRY, SPORTS/RECREATION ,  TRAVEL, HISTORY (though publication may be in Tennessee, but subject matter is international in scope),  PERIODICALS,  ADULT FICTION / INSPIRATIONAL  (includes Tennessee authors, works published in Tennessee and books with Tennessee subject matter), BIOGRAPHY,  BUSINESS,  MUSIC,  RELIGION,  MEDICINE, GENEALOGY

Aames, Willie and Maylo Upton-Aames, with Carolyn Stanford Goss.  Grace is enough.  Nashville, Tenn. :  B & H Publishing,  2007.

The ABC art & craft event directory.  Walland, TN : ABC Directory,  2007.

Acklen, Jeannette Tillotson,  b. 1871  (compiler)  Tennessee records : bible records and marriage bonds.  Westminster, Md. :  Heritage Books,  2007.

Adcock, Brenda.  Reiko's garden.  Nederland, Tex. :  Regal Crest,  2007.

Ahlschwede, Margrethe. Three stories and a poem.  Martin, Tenn. :  University of Tennessee at Martin,  2007.

Allen, Gary.  The Tennessee families of Fisher, Braswell, Patterson, Wilson, Dale, Ethridge, Valentine, Chiles.  Stockbridge, Mich :  G. Allen,  2007.

Auser,  Wallace.  Dissing God :  spiritual neutrality in a secular progress culture.  Chattanooga, Tenn. :  Living Ink Books,  2007.

Bakar, Lois S.  The Blevens family :  genealogical notes taken from the research of Nelda Brietigam.  Fresno, Calif. :  Fresno County Genealogical Society,  2007.

----------------    The Gillespie family :  genealogical notes taken from the research of Nelda Brietigam. Fresno, Calif. :  Fresno County Genealogical Society,  2007.

Baker, Georgia L.  1900 Dickson County, Tennessee census with index.  Nashville, Tenn. :  Richland Press,  2007.

---------------------     Dickson Funeral Home records :  Dickson, Tennessee, July 1944-December 2006.  Nashville, Tenn. :  Richland Press, 2007.

---------------------    Taylor Funeral Home records :  Dickson, Tennessee,  July 1942-December 2006.  Nashville, Tenn. :  Richland Press, 2007.

Barnes,  William L. To love a city : a congregation's long love affair with Nashville's inner city .  Nashville? :  s.n., 2007?

Barton, Beverly. The dying game.  New York :  Zebra Books/Kensington Publishing Corp.,  2007.

Bass, Jefferson.  Carved in bone :  a Body Farm novel.  New York :  Harper, 2006.

Blade, Michael J.  … [et al.] Mastering mergers and acquisitions.  Presented to and by Tennessee attorneys.  Eau Claire, WI :  National Business Institute,  2007.

Blakemore, Mary Stewart.  A narrative genealogy of the Stewarts of Sequatchie Valley, Tennessee, and allied families .  Salem, MA :  Higginson Book Company,  2007.

Bliss,  Ron.  Ray Mears' Big Orange memories : how Ray Mears transformed Tennessee sports traditions .  Knoxville, Tenn. :  Tennessee Valley Publishing,  2007.

Bradshaw, Charles L.  Rockets, reactors and computers define the 20th century :  a firsthand look at the century's most pivotal innovations .  Franklin, TN :  Providence House Publishers,  2007.

Brayton, John A.  Transcription of Lower Norfolk County: vol. one, wills and deeds, Book D 1656-1666.

Bridges, John and Bryan Curtis. A gentleman abroad :  a concise guide to traveling with confidence and courtesy.  Nashville, Tenn. : Thomas Nelson Publisher,  2007.

Brown, Bonnie. Giigle.   . A memoir of a single mother who worked as a massage therapist for Google, was paid partly with stock options, then became wealthy when the company prospered. Nashville, TN :  Verum Libri,  2007

Carlson, Bill. The Beatles! :  a one-night stand in the heartland.  Nashville, Tenn. :  Cumberland House ; St. Albans :  Verulam [distributor],  2007.

Cherry, James E. Shadow of light.  London :  Serpent's Tail,  2007.

Christodoulou , Nicholas. Musings in my later life. Nashville, TN :  N. Christodoulou,  2007.

Clark,  Alan M., Stephen C. Merritt, & Lorelei Shannon. The blood of Father Time.  Book 1,  The new cut.    Detroit, Mich. :  Five Star,  2007.

Clark,  Alan M., Stephen C. Merritt & Lorelei Shannon. The blood of Father Time.  Book 2, The mystic clan's grand plot.    Detroit, Mich. :  Thomson/Gale,  2007.

Clay County, Tennessee Cemeteries, vol II : cemeteries east of Cumberland River compiled by Clay County Genealogoical Committee Society, 2007.

Coalfield Genealogical and Historical Society.  Coming home to Coalfield.  Coalfield, TN :  The Society,  2007.

Coffee County, Tennessee, wills, volume I, 1833-1860  originally prepared by the Historical Records Project, Works Progress Administration (WPA), 1936.  Santa Maria, CA : Janaway Pub., 2007.

Cornwell, Patricia.  At risk .  New York :  Berkeley,  2007.

Cox, Bob L.  Fiddlin' Charlie Bowman :  an East Tennessee old-time music pioneer and his musical family.  with an afterword by Archie Green.  Knoxville :  University of Tennessee Press, c2007.

Cox, Carol.  A test of faith.  Carmel, N.Y. :  Guideposts Books,  2007.

Cox,  Elizabeth. The slow moon :  a novel .  New York :  Random House,  2007.

Crawford,  Robert J. Sr. with Delores A. Crawford.  Black fire :  portrait of a Black Memphis firefighter.  Charleston, SC :  History Press,  2007.

Croley Funeral Home Records: 1954-1967. Whitley County Historical and Genealogical Society, Inc., 2007.

Cummings, Martha Lynn Fuquay.  Historical markers placed by the Tennessee Society Daughters of the American Revolution.  Knoxville, Tenn. :  Tennessee Valley Pub., 2007.

Daughters of the American Revolution.  Avery Trace Chapter (Roane County,Tenn.) Cemetery atlas for the thirty four Atomic Energy Commission, Depart of Energy reservtion cemeteries in Roane County, Tennessee.  Roane County, Tenn. :  Avery Trace Chapter, NSDAR , 2007.

Davis, Diana.  Fresh ideas :  1,000 ways to grow a thriving and energetic church.  Nashville, Tenn. : B & H Pub Group,  2007.

Dishman, Ronald.  Overton County, Tennessee Death Records 1925 through 1938.  Genealogical Investigations, [2007?].

Dockter, Albert W.  Revolutionary War veteran William Keeble of Blount County, Tennessee and his heirs.  Westminster, Md. :  Heritage Books,  2007.

-----------------------     William Keeble of Blount County, Tennessee.  Westminster, Md. :  Heritage Books,  2007.

Donhardt,  G. L.  In the shadow of the great rebellion :  the life of Andrew Johnson, seventeenth president of the United States (1808-1875).  New York :  Nova Science Publishers,  2007.

Douthat, James L.  Tims Ford Reservoir TVA grave removals.  Signal Mountain, Tenn. :  Mountain Press,  2007.

Drake,  Thomas J., Jr. …[et al.]  Helping your client select the best entity option.  Presented to and by Tennessee attorneys.   Eau Claire, WI:  National Business Institute,  c2007.

Dunn,  Winfield.  From a standing start:  my Tennessee political odyssey.  Nashville, Tenn.: Magellan Press, 2007.

Ellison, J. T.  All the pretty girls. Don Mills, Ont.,  Canada :  Mira,  2007.

Fagen, Barbara, compiled by.  Index to divorce records Bradley County, Tennessee, September 1881-May 1885, May 1889-September 1897, January 1900-January 1910: extracted from Bradley County, Tennessee Circuit Court minute books. 2007.

Finchum, Sherry Sorrells.  Descendants of Sorrell. Jefferson City, TN:  Sherry Sorrells Finchum, 2007.

Fisher,  Eve.  The best is yet to be.  New York, N.Y. :  Guideposts,  2007.

Flesher, Dale L.  100 years of NASBA:  serving the public interest.  Nashville, TN : NASBA,  2007.

Floyd-Thomas,  Stacey. … [et al.] Black church studies:  an introduction.  Nashville, TN:  Abingdon Press, 2007.

Frazier, Charles.  Thirteen moons.  Leicester :  Charnwood,  2007.

Gamble,  Adam.  Good night Tennessee.  Illustrated by Joe Verno. South Korea:  Our World of Books, 2007.

Garner, Hallie. Adam Trevey Hileman family of Hawkins County, Tenn.  Dallas, Tex.:  H.P. Garner, 2007.

Gaskin, Stephen. The caravan.  Summertown, Tenn.:  Book Pub. Co., 2007.

Graham, Barbara.  Murder by serpents:  the mystery quilt.   [Waterville, Me.] :  Five Star, 2007.

Gratz,  Alan. Something rotten: a Horatio Wilkes mystery.  New York, NY :  Dial Books,  2007.

Gray, Doug. Christian symbology :  a collection of symbol definitions, liturgical terms, images & illustrations.  Collierville, TN:  Instant Publisher, 2007.

Green, Linda L.  Tennessee 1850 agricultural census.   Westminster, Md. : Willow Bend Books,  2007.

-----------------      Tennessee 1860 agricultural census.   Westminster, Md. :  Willow Bend Books,  2007.

Griffey, Jackie.  Recipe for trouble.  Waterville, Me.:  Five Star, 2007.

Groneman,  William,  III.  David Crockett:  hero of the common man.  New York:  Forge, 2007.

Grove, Fred.  A soldier returns.  New York:  Leisure Books, 2007.

Hamblen County, Tennessee, marriages, 1926-1950.  Hamblen County Archives, 2007.

Hammond, William C.  A matter of honor.  Nashville, Tenn.:  Cumberland House,  2007.

Hampton, Deborah Lang. Slapped awake :  living with breast cancer: a journey in poetry and prose.  Nashville, Tenn.:  Westview Book Publishing, Inc., c2007.

Hargrove,  Terry.  Don't mind me:  a Tennessean lost in Connecticut.  Newington, CT:  Ladder Press Pub., 2007.

Harris,  Charlaine.  Grave surprise.  New York, NY:  Berkley Publishing Group, 2007.

Hatter, Alastair J.  The baddest chick.  Deer Park, N.Y.:  Urban Books, 2007.

Hatter, Alastair J.  It's on and poppin’:  a novel. Jamaica, N.Y. :  Q-Boro,  2007.

Head, Eric S.  Memorials & Resolutions:  Knox County, Tennessee, 1792-1965. Knoxville, Tenn.:  Knox County Public Library, 2007.

Henry, Sandi. Making amazing art: 40 activities using the 7 elements of art design.  Illustrations by Sarah Cole.  Nashville, Tenn.:  Williamson Books, c2007.

The heritage of Dickson County, Tennessee, 1803-2006.  Dickson, Tenn. : Dickson County Heritage Book Committee, 2007.

Hicks, Jill E. Franklin. Our Beaty Ancestors: Fentress, Overton and Pickett County, Tennessee. Muncie, IN: Franklin, 2007.

__________  The  Cooper Families of Fentress, Overton and Pickett County,  Tennessee. 2007.

__________  The Robbins family of Overton, Fentress and Pickett Counties Tennessee. 2007.

Hochstetler,  Patricia.  Growing up in an Amish-Jewish cult.  Winona Lake, Ind.:  Baker Trittin Press, 2007.

Hoppe, Sherry L. and Bruce W. Speck.  Maxine Smith's unwilling pupils:  lessons learned in Memphis's civil rights classroom.  Knoxville:  University of Tennessee Press, c2007.

Hopson, Mary.  Comprehensive pictorial history of Putnam County Tennessee : Vol. 1.  2007.

How to start a business in Tennessee.  2d ed.  Irvine, CA :  Entrepreneur Press,  c2007.

Hubbard,  Rita Lorraine.  African Americans of Chattanooga :  a history of unsung heroes.  Charleston, SC :  History Press,  2007.

Hurst, Jack.  Men of fire :  Grant, Forrest, and the campaign that decided the Civil War.  New York :  Basic Books,  c2007.

Hutchings, Julianana.  A horse to remember.  Norris, MT :  Raven Publishing,  2007.

Jenkins, Gary.  Jonas Jenkins:  discoveries in the life and family of a frontier settler. Chattanooga, Tenn. :  G. Jenkins,  2007.

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Jones, Martha Herbert.  A journey into yesteryear.  2007.

llerman,  Jonathan and Faye.  Capital crimes.  New York:  Ballantine Books,  2007.

Kendrick, Alex and Stephen Kendrick.  Facing the giants.  Screenplay by Alex and Stephen Kendrick ; novelization by Eric Wilson.  Nashville, Tenn. :  Thomas Nelson, Inc.,  c2007.

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Lakeman, Thomas.  Chillwater Cove.  New York:  St. Martin's Minotaur,  2007.

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McCutcheon, Larry.  Our Drake and Crutcher families of Marshall County, Tennessee.  Hohenwald, Tenn. :  L. McCutcheon,  2007.

-----------------------     Our McNeeley family of Tennessee :  lest we forget.  Hohenwald, Tenn. :  L. McCutcheon,  2007.

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-----------------    Abstracts from Cocke County surveys, 1856-1900. Lawrenceburg, Tenn. :  Price Database Concepts,  2007.

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