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TL v61n2: Guest Commentary (copy) More editing needed
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Tennessee Libraries

Volume 61 Number 2



Guest Commentary

 TEL rules!


Gail Borio,
National College of Buisness and Technology


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 My name is Gail Borio and I utilize the TEL databases every day.  I am very lucky to live in Tennessee where the Tennessee State Library offers these amazing online databases absolutely free to its residents. As librarian first at a local Knoxville High School for five years, and now at a career college for five years, I am very familiar with TEL databases. I do my best to continually educate both students and instructors on the wonderful TEL databases and the value, to them, in finding good reference resources on any class assignment or research project. My favorite, and the most useful of all the TEL databases for my classes and their needs is the Health and Wellness Resource Center Database.  I will focus primarily on how the Health and Wellness Resource Center Database has enabled me to serve the majority of students at my campus; and then because of the success of our Knoxville campus usage statistics, the college as a whole has changed database vendors and adopted the TEL Databases for the entire school.

My career college has twenty-nine campuses throughout six states. We each have a limited budget and holdings and we all submit monthly circulation statistics to the corporate office where our statistics are recorded and posted. Our non-print circulation statistics include our own state’s online databases numbers. So I entered my TEL monthly statistics and had thousands of searches each month to enter in my circulation report. The highest statistics came from the Health and Wellness Resource Center Database.

This one database provided me with valuable medical, ethical, and psychological full-text articles that met the student’s curricular needs and supplemented their textbooks.  Other librarians noticed my continually high usage statistics and the results were discussed at librarian teleconference meetings. At one point I was asked to contact Technical Support at GALE and verify my results. My numbers were correct and  I have been very pleased  to be able to share these wonderful databases  with my peers. 

My story does not end there, at that time our school used another vendor for databases. I conducted demonstrations of the TEL databases and the Health and Wellness Resource Center in particular for every class at our campus and for my library orientations. I figuratively tackled one head corporate honcho of our ISE programs, who was here visiting in Knoxville  and I asked him if I could show him something that really did meet all of my needs. He allowed me to demonstrate the GALE databases, especially the Health and Wellness Resource Center. My enthusiasm worked.
Two things happened then: our guest returned to the Corporate Office, and at subsequent librarian teleconference meetings, I continued to have dialogs with the other librarians about the wonderful TEL GALE databases. Corporately, the twenty-nine campus libraries were then given a trial version of the GALE databases to see if they liked it and a corporate committee was formed to evaluate changing or staying with the previous vendor. As the renewal of our vendor contract was approaching, I asked to be involved in the process if they needed someone who was familiar with GALE and TEL, and I attended a corporate teleconference to answer questions about our TEL databases. As of last month, we are now corporately using GALE Databases as our new Virtual Library. So I am afraid that my reign of having the highest statistics will be coming to an end as the other librarians are ohing and awhing over the wonderful GALE, Health and Wellness Database.
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