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General Information

TLA-L is a discussion conference for TLA members and other Tennessee Librarians. The purpose of
this list is to provide you with an opportunity to exchange ideas, queries, and comments with your
colleagues. We will attempt to provide current information about TLA activities likely to interest a wide
range of members as well as information of interest to Tennessee librarians. Do share information about
library activity in your community. We welcome your questions and comments about any aspect of
Tennessee librarianship.

If TLA-L is quiet it is because subscribers have not posted any messages on the list. You are
encouraged to contribute. This is a good place for you to become more familiar with list participation.
TLA-L is an unmoderated list. This means that messages sent to the list will automatically be
distributed to the whole list. A message posted to the list cannot be retrieved. Please be careful to insure
that messages sent to the list are those you wish to share with all list members. In particular, be careful
in use of the reply mode. Often, you will want to reply to the author of the message and NOT to the
whole list. The author's address can be found in the full header of the message or in the signature
statement at the close of the message.

The School of Information Sciences and the University of Tennessee, Knoxville provide TLA-L as a
public service. They do not verify the accuracy of submitted messages nor does they endorse the
opinions expressed by message authors. Authors of TLA-L messages are solely responsible for the
content of their messages.

TLA-L is an archived list. The primary purpose of the archive is to provide list members with a
convenient way to retrieve recent postings that were unintentionally lost or that didn't become
important until after they were already deleted. Message retrieval options include the ability to browse
past postings one month at a time or by keyword search. The archive contains postings for the most
recent three years and is located at

You may start seeing occasional 'probe' mail about your subscription to a list. The probe is a message
sent on the yearly anniversary of the date of your last list activity, whether was the last post date, the
subscription anniversary or the date options last changed. You do NOT need to reply to a probe.
LISTSERV processes any bounced probe mail and eventually removes bad addresses from the list.
Please monitor your mail account with some care. If you are not careful about deleting, purging, and
compressing messages, your account may become full and messages will bounce back to the listowner.
In that case, you will be deleted from the list. Please avoid bounced mail messages since they create
some problems for the list owner and our computer center. If you will be gone from your computer or
terminal for some time, please use the SET NO MAIL command to stop your mail until you return. If
you need to cancel your subscription to TLA-L, please send the message UNSUB TLA-L to

You may subscribe/unsubcribe/change options from the web page instead of following the instructions below
if you wish.
To join TLA-L, send the following email message to :
SUB TLA-L Firstname LastName.
To sign off TLA-L, send the following email message to
To stop TLA-L when you go on holiday, send the following email message to
To resume TLA-L delivery, send this message to
To send a message to TLA-L, send your email message to: Do be certain
to include a clear subject line indicating what the message is about.
To obtain a list of TLA-L subscribers, send the following message to :
Please send queries or comments about TLA-L to the list owner:
David Ratledge, Associate Professor & Head, Systems
651 Hodges Library
The University of Tennessee
Knoxville, TN 37996-1000

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