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TL v67n4: 2016 Tennessee Bibliography: N-Z
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2016 Tennessee Bibliography: N through Z


Netherland, R. Southern Appalachian farm cooking: A memoir of food and family. Knoxville: University of Tennessee Press. The author grew up in the hills of East Tennessee, in the small town of Surgoinsville on the Holston River. This book is a collection of Appalachian farming and food with stories about life on a large farm as well as healthy meal plans for a busy household.

Nollan, R. Blood picture: L. W. Diggs, sickle cell anemia, and the South's first blood bank (2nd ed.). Knoxville: University of Tennessee Press. Richard H. Nollan is an associate professor and head of the Research and Learning Services at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis. The career of Dr. Diggs spanned the Great Depression, World War II, and the civil rights movement, and he pushed the limits of medicine and sickle cell research in times of turbulent social change.

*Ogintz, E. The kid's guide to the Great Smoky Mountains. Guilford, CT: Globe Pequot. This book offers things to do in Great Smoky Mountains with youngsters, including best sights, museums, landmarks, activities, and restaurants.

Oliver, K. Hunting girls: Sexual violence from The Hunger Games to campus rape. New York, NY: Columbia University Press. Kelly Oliver is W. Alton Jones Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at Vanderbilt University.

Oprea, E., & Underwood, C. The 4 x 4 diet: 4 key foods, 4-minute workouts, four weeks to the body you want. New York, NY: Harmony Books. Erin Oprea is a certified personal trainer as well as a former marine who served two tours of duty in Iraq. She currently lives in Nashville.

*Oxley, B., & Ladwig, T. W. S. "Fluke" Holland: The father of the drums. Naples, FL: Oxvision Books. W. S. "Fluke" Holland was born in Saltillo, Tennessee, on the banks of the Tennessee River but later moved to Bemis near Jackson, Tennessee. He was a self-taught drummer with a unique style who for a lifetime played with Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash.

*Ozdenerol, E. A bilingual adventure in wonderland. [Bloomington, IN]: Authorhouse. Esra Ozdenerol is an associate professor in the Department of Earth Sciences at the University of Memphis. Readers of this book can join Derin and Deniz on their bilingual adventure at the Harikalar DUnyası Park in Turkey.

Page, H. D. The Swiss presence in the history of Tennessee. Morgantown, PA: Masthof Press. Beginning in Switzerland at the first of the 18th century, this history depicts the immigration of the Swiss and the communities of Gruetli-Lager and Hohenwald in the Volunteer State.

Page, W. In this maybe best of all possible worlds: Poems. Lexington, KY: FutureCycle Press. William Page, who grew up in Middle Tennessee, taught creative writing at the University of Memphis, where founded the nationally acclaimed Memphis State Review. He lives in Memphis.

*Parker, B. Tennessee. Mankato, MN: Capstone Press. Learn history, geography, weather, people, and more about our 16th state.

Pashley, K. Precious in his sight. Nashville, TN: Willow Branch Publishing. Karen Pashley lives in Nashville. A betrayed wife accepts an offer to work with orphans in Ukraine for several weeks in this novel with Christian themes.

Patchett, A. Commonwealth: A novel. London, England: Harper. Ann Patchett lives in Nashville, where she owns Parnassus Books.

Payne, J. C. When a blue star turns to gold. College Station, TX: Publishing. Janet Payne has lived in the East Tennessee mountains all of her life. She writes of Sara Dyson, whose son died fighting in France during World War I. Dyson visited France in 1930 as a “Gold Star Mother.”

Pelc, M. A. Edge of mercy: Up on Roan Mountain (Series: Love and mercy: Up on Roan Mountain, Book 2). [n.p.]: Published by author (CreateSpace). The author enjoys roaming the hills of Tennessee and North Carolina, tracing her roots in and around the Appalachian Trail. This novel is based on stories of the author’s family who settled on Roan Mountain on the North Carolina-Tennessee border.

Peltier, K. A Tennessee tune. [Franklin, TN]: Selah Press. Kay Peltier is a Tennessee resident and Certified Music Practitioner. This book captures the essence of Tennessee through music, people, faith, and artistic photography.

Peña, C. G. The strange case of Dr. Etienne Descamps: Murder in the New Orleans French Quarter. Gretna, LA: Pelican Publishing Company. Christopher Peña lives with his family in Knoxville.

Petersheim, J. The alliance: A novel (Series: Alliance series, Book 1). Carol Stream, IL: Tyndale House Publishers. Jolina Petersheim lives in the mountains of Tennessee.

Phillips, S. Opryland USA. Charleston, SC: Arcadia Publishing. Stephen W. Phillips is a Tennessee native and recognized Opryland theme park historian. This book is a collection of images and descriptions of Opryland which operated in Nashville from May 27, 1972 until December 31, 1997.

Plumb, G. Waterfalls of Tennessee: Guidebook to over 300 cataracts in the Volunteer State (3rd ed.). [n.p.]: Published by author (CreateSpace). This 3rd edition guidebook includes 55 cataracts not shown in prior editions with many maps and photos.

Powell, D. The Chickamauga campaign: Barren victory: The retreat into Chattanooga, the confederate pursuit, and the aftermath of the battle, September 21 to October 20, 1863. El Dorado Hills, CA: Savas Beatie. Author David A. Powell is nationally recognized for his tours of the Chickamauga battlefields in Tennessee. Barren Victory is the third and concluding volume of the Chickamauga Campaign trilogy, a comprehensive examination of one of the most important and complex military operations of the Civil War.

Priest, C. The family plot. New York, NY: Tor. Cherie Priest lives in Chattanooga, Tennessee. This novel is set in Nashville and Chattanooga.

Rauls, P. The rock trenches: Journal of a music industry executive. Brandon, MS: Sartoris Literary Group. A native of Memphis, Phillip Rauls is a former promotions man for Stax Records, EMI Records, Atlantic Records, and 20th Century Fox.

*Reavis, S. G. Giants (Series: Tennessee tinys, Book 2) [n.p.]: Published by author (CreateSpace). A short story for his grandkids turned into the Tennessee Tinys series, three books in all.

*Redwine, C. J. The shadow queen (Series: Ravenspire, Book 1). London, England: Scholastic Children's Books. C. J. Redwine lives in Nashville.

Reed, J. S. Barbecue (Series: A Savor the South Cookbook). Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina Press. John Shelton Reed is a writer and former sociology professor who has written extensively about the South. He co-founded the Campaign for Real Barbecue (

Reid, P. Grin and beard it (Series: The Winston brothers, Book 2). [n.p.]: Cipher-Naught. The six bearded Winston brothers provide many stories for this romantic comedy novel series set in Green Valley, Tennessee.

Reid, P. Beard science (Series: The Winston brothers, Book 3). [n.p.]: Cipher-Naught. Book 3 in this romantic comedy novel series set in Green Valley, Tennessee.

Roher, M. Touched by Tennessee: Stories from the heartland. [n.p.]: Published by author (CreateSpace). In this book, storyteller and author Madelyn Rohrer, from Jonesborough in Northeast, Tennessee, compiles eight true stories, some historical in nature, others personal, but all have the common thread of depicting the influence of Tennessee in the nation’s history.

Rickford, R. We are an African people: Independent education, black power, and the radical imagination. New York, NY: Oxford University Press. The annual Hooks Institute's National Book Award is given to the book that best furthers understanding of the American Civil Rights. This title was chosen the 2016 National Book Award and deals with education, freedom, and the diversity of viewpoints during the civil rights era and implications for today.

Rink, L. Wrap your heart around it: A memoir about learning to love the life you have. New York, NY: Post Hill Press. LynnMarie Rink is a five-time Grammy nominated performing artist who lives in Nashville. 

Rogers, B. Social history: Poems (Series: Southern messenger poets). Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press. Bobby C. Rogers is professor of English and writer-in-residence at Union University. He lives in Memphis.

Rufus, R. Die young with me: A memoir. New York, NY: Touchstone Books. Rob Rufus is a musician and writer living in Nashville.

Rumble, J. Historic RCA Studio B Nashville: Home of 1,000 hits. Nashville, TN: Country Music Foundation Press. This book has many very rare photos from the museum's archives and traces the story of RCA Studio B from its birth to its existence today.

*Rushing, K. Terrell and Keke's adventures through time: Traveling the underground railroad. Nashville, TN: KEA Publishing. Kesha Russaw Rushing is based in Nashville, TN.

Sager, R. C. Marital cruelty in antebellum America (Series: Conflicting worlds: New dimensions of the American Civil War). Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press. The author’s research provides details about the reality of nineteenth-century conjugal unions, correcting historical mischaracterizations of women's violence as trivial, rare, or defensive.

Sanford, O. From Boss Crump to King Willie: How race changed Memphis politics. Knoxville: University of Tennessee Press. Veteran Memphis journalist Otis Sanford holds the Hardin Chair of Excellence in Economic/Managerial Journalism at the University of Memphis and lives in the greater Memphis area. He was inducted into the Tennessee Journalism Hall of Fame in 2014. This book describes the transformation from a political "Boss" in Memphis to the leadership of the city’s first African-American Mayor, Dr. Willie Herenton.

Sargent, D. The number. [n.p.]: Published by author (CreateSpace). The author lives at the edge of the Great Smoky Mountains. He weaves an exciting story around the lives of a Tennessee park ranger, a Syrian woman, an intensive care nurse at a large Midwestern hospital, and pockets of the so-called “Doomsdayers.”

Savage, W. Streetcar advertising in America. Oxford, England and Charleston, SC: Fonthill Media. Woodson Savage, a native of West Tennessee, provides a historical history of streetcar advertising since the 1900s.

Scarbrough, J. Heart to heart: The Winchesters of Legend, Tennessee (Series: The Winchesters of Legend, Tennessee, Book 4). [KY]: Published by the author (Saddle Horse Press). This novel tells the story of the small town of Legend, Tennessee, a pet psychic, and second chances.

Schaffer, G. Reckon I'm moving on: Houston to Tampa via way of Tennessee. Bloomington, IN: Xlibris LLC. The author is a resident of Loudon, Tennessee and tells the story of her life that “had to be told.” Read about the challenges and rewards along the journey that landed her in Tennessee.

Schweid, R. Invisible nation: Homeless families in America. Oakland: University of California Press. Author Richard Schweid is from Nashville and writes about the effects of hidden poverty in five major U.S. cities.

Seabrook, L. Carnton plantation ghost stories: True tales of the unexplained from Tennessee’s most haunted Civil War house! [Nashville, TN]: Sea Raven Press. This is the first nonfiction book written about the ghosts of Tennessee's most haunted Civil War house, Carnton Plantation of Franklin, Tennessee, built in 1826.

Seals, A. Life of Lieutenant Colonel James A. Seals: 100 year old Pearl Harbor survivor. [Parker, CO]: Outskirts Press. The author was born and raised in Bledsoe County, Pikeville, Tennessee. At 100 years old, Lt. Col. James A. Seals, World War II Veteran, and Pearl Harbor Survivor, tells his story.

Sellwood, G. Tender Tennessee Christmas (A cowboy Christmas). [Aztec, NM]: Prism Book Group. This is the age-old story of conflict, disapproval, and social distance surrounding two people from different walks of life. Will they leave the Tennessee ranch for the hills?

*Semchuk, R. Tennessee: The volunteer state (Series: Discover America). New York, NY: AV2 by Weigl. Briefly describes Tennessee, discussing its history, geography, state emblems, and other facts about the state.

Sepetys, R. Salt to the sea: A novel. New York, NY: Philomel Books. Ruta Sepetys lives in a treehouse in Tennessee.

Shores, J., & Tyler, S. A hostel on the Nolichucky: How John Shores became Uncle Johnny. [n.p.]: Shoal Creek Projects. Author John Shores is known as “Uncle Johnny” to many travelers of the Appalachian Trail. His hostel is just feet from the trail in Nolichucky Gorge, Erwin, Tennessee. This memoir weaves together local history, legends, and some unique true-life characters.

*Silvano, W. Love is all around Tennessee. Naperville, IL: Sourcebooks Jabberwocky. The author encourages young readers to recognize the sights and sounds of love seen through the day and neighborhood.

Simmons, S. Legends & lore of East Tennessee (Series: American Legends). Charleston, SC: Arcadia Publishing. The author is a lifelong resident of the Appalachian Mountains and in this book provides short snippets from the culture and heritage of the Appalachians of East Tennessee.

Skinner, M. Cold eye: A short story collection. Jackson, MS: Mojo Triangle Books. Margaret Skinner grew up in Midtown Memphis and is a former University of Memphis Department of English writing instructor. She is described as “Memphis’ Eudora Welty.”

Smiley, T., & Ritz, D. Death of a king: The real story of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s final year. New York, NY: Back Bay Books, Little, Brown and Company. First released in hardback in 2014, this title is now available in paperback, eBook, and sound recording. It documents Dr. King’s last year.

Smith, A. Fundamentalism, fundraising, and the transformation of the Southern Baptist Convention, 1919-1925 (Series: America's Baptists). Knoxville: University of Tennessee Press. Andrew Christopher Smith is a Carson-Newman University professor in East Tennessee and writes of the early years of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Smith, B. I was a country girl and had the time of my life: Life in the 1940s and 1950s. [n.p.]: Published by author (CreateSpace). This collection of stories details the childhood of Ms. Betty Sue Roberson Smith on her family's Tennessee farm in the 1940s and 1950s. She speaks of the hardships encountered by rural Tennesseans of that time and the love that sustained her family.

Smith, C. Salamanders of the silk road. Philadelphia, PA: Lanternfish Press. Christopher Smith lives in Clarksville, Tennessee where he works as an editor at The Tennessean. This is novel is based on the legend of Prester John.

Smith, L., & Campbell, J. B. Tennessee state parks (Series: Postcard history). Charleston, SC: Arcadia Publishing. Both authors were formerly faculty at Columbia State Community College, in Columbia, Tennessee. The beauty of Tennessee’s 56 state parks is depicted through these vintage postcards.

Smith, L. W. Leaving independence. Grand Haven, MI: Waterfall Productions. Leanne Wood Smith teaches at Lipscomb University in Nashville. This is a historical novel set in Civil War-era Tennessee and along the Oregon Trail.

Smith, R. The story of the dulcimer (Series: The Charles K. Wolfe music series, 2nd ed.). Knoxville: University of Tennessee Press. Author Ralph Lee Smith, a frequent traveler to and ardent student of the music of Appalachia, updates his 1986 publication to bring the dulcimer's history into the twenty-first century with a new preface and updates to the original edition.

Smith, T. Grant invades Tennessee: The 1862 battles for Forts Henry and Donelson (3rd ed.). Lawrence: University Press of Kansas. The author, a former U.S. National Park Service ranger at Shiloh, teaches history at the University of Tennessee at Martin. He takes readers step-by-step through the battles of Fort Henry and Fort Donelson.

Smithson, C. The whippoorwill calls: A memoir. Bloomington, IN: Archway Publishing. The author Clara Smithson, one of nine children, was born on her grandfather's farm in Tennessee and tells of her experiences of growing into a young woman of the 1960s.

Snow, N. Terrified in Tennessee (Book series 1 & 2). [n.p.]: Amazon Digital Services. Read of some extraordinary stories that have taken place in Tennessee in the past and the present.

Somershoe, S., & Sloan, C. Birds of Tennessee: A new annotated checklist. [Lexington, KY]: Published by author (CreateSpace). This field guide gives information on the status, distribution, and abundance of all 415 species of birds reported in the state of Tennessee.

Sommers, L. Authentic traditional Memphis, Tennessee recipes: Recipes from Beale Street that isn't just southern style Memphis barbecue and Elvis sandwiches (Series: Regional recipes, Book 5). [n.p.]: Published by author (CreateSpace). Having lived in the area for a number of years, the author presents Memphis style cooking and cuisine with a distinct version of BBQ along with blends of southern styles and soul food.

Sorrell, R. Historic homes of northeast Tennessee (Series: Images of America). Charleston, SC: Arcadia Publishing. Robert Sorrell is a journalist and freelance writer based in Johnson City, Tennessee. This book documents some of the oldest settlements west of the Appalachian.

Speaks, D., & Clift, R. East Tennessee in World War II. Charleston, SC: History Press. Author Dewaine Speaks graduated from the University of Tennessee, was a member of the United States Air Force and Tennessee Air National Guard, and currently is a member of the East Tennessee Veteran's Honor Guard. Authour Ray Clift also graduated from the University of Tennessee.

Springfield, R. The legacy of Tamar: Courage, faith, and the common road of hope in a west Tennessee community (2nd ed.). Knoxville: University of Tennessee Press. (Originally published in 2000). The author lives in Nashville, where she has been an administrative law judge for fourteen years. This book documents the struggles of the Taylor-Springfield family and explores the history of Brownsville, Haywood County, Tennessee.

Spurrier, S., & Martin, B. Head ball coach: My life in football, doing it differently--and winning. New York, NY: Blue Rider Press. Steve Spurrier was a multi-sport all-state athlete at Science Hill High School in Johnson City, TN. In this memoir, Spurrier recounts life as an athlete and later coach of several teams in the SEC and NFL.

St. Charles, A. The choices we make: A novel. [n.p.]: Published by author (CreateSpace). Annell St. Charles is a native of Nashville. This work, set in 1960s and 70s Nashville, is the sequel to The Things Left Unsaid.

St. Charles, A. The things left unsaid: A novel. [n.p.]: Published by author (CreateSpace). Annell St. Charles is a native of Nashville and graduate of Nashville's Peabody College and the University of Tennessee. Formerly writing about health topics for medical professionals and the public, this is her first novel, a story about how fear can keep one from expressing deepest feelings to those we care about.

Stauffer, C. Preaching politics: Proclaiming Jesus in an age of money, power, and partisanship. St. Louis, MO: Chalice Press. Dr. Clay Stauffer is Senior Minister at Woodmont Christian Church in Nashville.

Stepp, L. Welcome back (Series: A Smoky Mountain novel, Book 9). New York, NY: Kensington Books. Dr. Lin Stepp is a native Tennessean, a businesswoman, and an educator. She is on faculty at both Tusculum College and King University, where she teaches psychology and research.

Stewart, L. The new neighbor: A novel. New York, NY: Simon & Schuster. Author Leah Stewart completed college at Vanderbilt University and later returned to Tennessee as a visiting writer at the University of the South in Sewanee and also Vanderbilt. In this novel, ninety-year-old Margaret Riley is content hiding from the world. Stoic and independent, she rarely leaves her Tennessee mountain top, finding comfort in the mystery novels that keep her company—until she spots a woman who’s moved into the long-empty house across the pond.

Stiriss, M., Meyers, W., & Kriesel, L. Voluntary peasants sharing life, land and love at the ultimate hippie Commune—the farm in Tennessee. Warwick, NY: New Beat Books. Author Melvyn Stiriss was a founder and long-term resident member of The Farm, a collective community in Summertown, Tennessee.

*Strickland, T., DePalma, K., & Dean, D. The barefoot book of children. Cambridge, MA: Barefoot Books. Co-author Kate DePalma was born and raised outside of Nashville and has been a guest instructor at Tennessee Young Writers Workshop. Hand-painted illustrations and straightforward text invite children to ask themselves: How do other children live? How are we different? And most importantly: How are we alike?

Summerlin, V. Fishing through the seasons: Catching summer catfish in Tennessee (Series: Freshwater fishing, Book 3). [n.p.]: Published by author (Summerlin Press). The author, Vernon Summerlin, is from the Greater Nashville Area and is well known for outdoor, travel, and game publications. The three major catfish species and the baits they like to eat are identified in this book. Starting in the western part of the state, the author works eastward describing the best fishing practices for catching summer catfish.

Swain, S. Growing up in Franklin, Tennessee. San Francisco, CA: Blurb. True story, written by Sara Avalyn Berry Swain, of her life growing up in Franklin, Tennessee in the 1940s.

Talbert, L. Kizzie: A story of Civil War days. [n.p.]: Claudia T. Bays. Novel about a rural East Tennessee family divided in their support of the Union and Confederacy.

Tarkington, E. Only love can break your heart: A novel. Chapel Hill, NC: Algonquin Books. Ed Tarkington lives in Nashville.

Taylor, A. Leaving time and Tennessee. Bloomington, IN: WestBow Press. A debut time-travel romance that bounces through more than 200 years of history, set in Tennessee and New York.

Taylor, E. Camp Forrest (Series: Images of America). Charleston, SC: Arcadia Publishing. The collected images and descriptions are of Camp Forrest, a WWII military (POW) facility located on the outskirts of Tullahoma, Tennessee. Camp Forrest was decommissioned, dismantled, recommissioned, repurposed, and expanded for use again in 1951.

Tennis, J. Haunted highlands ghosts legends of North Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia. [United States]: Backyard Books. A compilation of 22 stories of strange happenings in and around East Tennessee.

Terrell, J. A taste of blood and ashes (Series: A Jared McKean mystery, Book 4). Sag Harbor, NY: Permanent Press. A former special education teacher, Jaden Terrell lives in Nashville.

Thor, B. (2016). Foreign agent: A thriller. New York, NY: Atria Books. Brad Thor lives in Nashville and in an interview with The Tennessean, said, "I plan to never leave." This is another novel featuring former U.S. Navy SEAL and counterterrorism agent Scot Horvath.

Timms, L. Whisky Lullaby (Series: Tennessee romance, Book 1). [Pembroke Pines, FL]: Dark Shadow Publishing. A new adult rock star romance series with three eBooks.

Timms, L. Whisky Melody (Series: Tennessee romance, Book 2). [Pembroke Pines, FL]: Dark Shadow Publishing.

Timms, L. Whisky Harmony (Series: Tennessee romance, Book 3). [Pembroke Pines, FL]: Dark Shadow Publishing.

Trestman, M. Fair labor lawyer: The remarkable life of new deal attorney and supreme court advocate Bessie Margolin (Series: Southern biography). Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press. Biography of an unexpected feminist who became the architect of the U.S. Labor Department's Equal Pay Act enforcement and a founder of the National Organization for Women.

Tumblin, J. Fountain city: People who made a difference. Knoxville, TN: Celtic Cat Publishing. Dr. J. C. (Jim) Tumblin is a 1944 graduate of Central High School in Knoxville. In this book, he shares 56 life stories of extraordinary citizens of Fountain City.

Turner, L. Devil sent the rain: A mystery. New York, NY: William Morrow. Author Lisa Turner grew up and lives in Memphis. This is a sensational Memphis murder mystery which weaves together Old South aristocracy, entitlement, and scandal.

Uselton, D., & Yawn, D. Pidgeon droppings: A story of survival and redemption. [Memphis, TN]: Legacies In Print. Both authors live in the greater Memphis area. This book is the personal biography of Jimmye Pidgeon, a baby girl surrendered to the infamous Miss Georgia Tann and the Tennessee Children's Home Society in 1942. Though raised in prominent social circles in Memphis, Pidgeon faced almost insurmountable challenges and obstacles.

Van Hooser, J. A journey to remember: A story of challenges, decisions, adaptations and outcomes. [Whiteville, TN]: Published by author (Jack M. Van Hooser). The son of a peddler, the author grew up at the end of the Great Depression, traveling throughout the southeastern states with his father and brother. The author speaks of learning hard work, adaptation, and perseverance.

Vanlandingham, H. Lucie: Bride of Tennessee (Series: American mail-order brides, Book 16). [n.p.]: HL Vanlandingham Books. Lucie does whatever is necessary to survive in Chattanooga, Tennessee as a mail order bride, but a turn of events changes everything.

Vaughen, L. What our voices carry. Chattanooga, TN: Wild Columbine Press. This is Laurie Perry Vaughen's first significant collection of poems. The Tennessee poet is the recipient of the James Dickey Award from Emory University's Lullwater Review and the Amon Liner Award from the Greensboro Review.

Vaughen, L. Fine tuning. Chattanooga, TN: Wild Columbine Press. This is Laurie Perry Vaughen’s second collection of poems. She lives in Tennessee.

Velarde, K. Murder on a crooked path (Series: A Sewanee Mountain series). Paducah, KY: AQS Publishing. The novel’s main character, Director of the Tennessee Heritage Craft Center, encounters murder, intrigue, and romance in her life.

Vile, J. R. American immigration and citizenship: A documentary history. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield. Author John R. Vile is Professor of Political Science and Dean of the University Honors College at Middle Tennessee State University.

Warden, E. F. C. 29 weeks. [n.p.]: Published by author (CreateSpace). Felicia Warden lives in Smithville, Tennessee and shares the letters she wrote to her unborn child when put on total bed rest at 29 weeks with preterm labor.

Warden, E. F. C. Meaningful conversations: A book of poems. [n.p.]: Published by author (CreateSpace). Poet Felicia Warden is from Smithville, Tennessee.

Watt, R., & Caruthers, J. Fixin' stupid and other tales from a Tennessee trauma queen (Series: EMS adventures with Roxy McCoy, Book 1). [n.p.]: Published by author (Robin Watt). A volunteer EMT in a small Tennessee town sees the stupid things people do, but also the good things that are sprinkled through the day.

Wayne, K. East Tennessee road trips mile post to mile post: A unique guide to unique places in East Tennessee. [San Francisco, CA]: Blurb. Author and photographer Ken Wayne, who is from Gatlinburg, Tennessee, takes readers through small towns and valleys of East Tennessee.

Webb, W. Standing the final watch (Series: The last brigade, Book 1). Humble, TX: Dingbat Publishing. Author Bill Webb grew up in West Tennessee.

White, R. Knoxville's 'merry-go-round,' Ciderville and ... the East Tennessee country music scene. Nashville, TN: NOVA Books. White tells the story of radio’s WNOX- and WROL-Knoxville's pioneering efforts on behalf of country and bluegrass.

Whitehall, H. Bottling Tennessee: A Davy Crockett tall tale. [n.p.]: Expanding Horizons Press. Davy Crockett leaves Congress, bottles Tennessee air, soil, and water, and takes the long journey to visit his Native American friends who had been sent to a reservation.

Whitson, L. Room full of naked men. Mustang, OK: Tate Publishing & Enterprises The heroine of this novel lives in a rural town of Sulphur Springs, Tennessee, and gives a witty satire of small-town life.

Wilbrink, D. Fire of commitment: History of the first Unitarian Universalist Church of Nashville. Nashville, TN: Perfect Memoirs. This is a congregational history from its formation in the 1940s to 2015 with the history of other Universalist “start-ups” in Middle Tennessee since the 1840s.

Williams-Paisley, K. Where the light gets in: Losing my mother only to find her again. New York, NY: Crown Archetype. Author Kimberly Williams-Paisley lives in Tennessee with her husband, country music artist Brad Paisley, and two sons. She writes of the struggle of the family as her mother declines with an early-onset diagnosis of dementia.

Wilson, R., & Way, R. The eyes of midnight: A time of terror in East Tennessee. Bloomington, IN: Archway Publishing. Set in Sevier County, this well-researched and colorful account of the White Caps stirs images of the Ku Klux Klan but they are not the same. The White Caps started out mildly to enforce Victorian values but things got sorely out of hand.

*Windham, K., & Windham, B. Thirteen Tennessee ghosts and Jeffrey: Commemorative edition. Tuscaloosa: University of Alabama Press. From Memphis to the hills of east Tennessee, Kathryn Tucker Windham collected the spookiest collection of Volunteer State ghosts ever written. This is the facsimile of the very popular first edition with new material and includes a new afterword by the author’s children.

Woodworth, S., & Grear, C. (Eds.) The Tennessee campaign of 1864 (Series: Civil War campaigns in the heartland). Carbondale: Southern Illinois University Press. Fourteen historians and emerging scholars examine this operation in the first anthology on the subject, covering the battles of Allatoona, Spring Hill, and Franklin, as well as the decimation of Hood’s army at Nashvill.

Woody, R. Don't get lost in the fog: Life and business lessons learned while catfishing the Tennessee river. [n.p.]: Published by author (CreateSpace). Ron Woody lives in Kingston, Tennessee and is County Executive for Roane County, Tennessee. He describes the business and management lessons he has learned and applied to life while catfishing as a teenager on Watts Bar Lake of the Tennessee River.

Woolfitt, W. K. Charles of the desert: A life in verse. Brewster, MA: Paraclete Press. William Woolfitt is an assistant professor of English at Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee.

Worsham, W., & Roper, L. Nineteenth Tennessee regiment, CSA, annotated. [n.p.]: Published by author (CreateSpace). First written in 1902, this is the memoir of a Confederate soldier and history of this regiment.

Wright, A. Everything in the universe: Poems. Oak Ridge, TN: Iris Press. This is the second poetry collection of author Amy Wright. She is Coordinator of Creative Writing at Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, Tennessee.

Wright, K. Last ride to Graceland. Irving, TX: Gallery Books. This book received the Willie Morris Award for Southern Fiction. In order to return newly discovered memorabilia to the Graceland estate, Blues musician Cory Ainsworth embarks on a trip of self-discovery. Is Elvis her father? This road trip back to Graceland retraces the path her mother took when leaving days after the death of “The King.”

*Zentner, J. The serpent king: A novel. London, England: Andersen Press. Author Jeff Zentner is a singer-songwriter and guitarist who lives in Nashville. Three friends in their senior year at Forrestville High in rural Tennessee find that diverging paths could cause the end of their friendship as they graduate and take different life paths.

*Denotes a juvenile or young adult title.



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