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Advisory Council Reports June 2019
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Advisory Council Members: Please sign in, then click on Add a File to submit your report. To view the list in alphabetical order, click on Item Name in the orange header box.

Advisory Council Reports 2019 June

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Committee: Advisory Committee on State Documents PDF (389.34 KB) P. Rustomfram 6/12/2019
Friends, Retirees, Trustees DOCX (9.1 KB) S. Ries 6/10/2019
Diversity Committee PDF (345.83 KB) P. Rua-Bashir 6/10/2019
Committee: Intellectual Freedom DOCX (14.92 KB) J. Rieger 6/10/2019
Committee: Strategic Planning PDF (41.5 KB) R. Groves 6/10/2019
Committee: Bylaws & Procedures DOCX (11.14 KB) D. Hunter 6/10/2019
Committe: Finance XLSX (19.88 KB) Administration 6/9/2019
Committee: Volunteer State Book Award DOCX (11.94 KB) Administration 6/9/2019
Committee: Honors Awards and Scholarship DOCX (17.01 KB) J. Gill 6/5/2019
Roundtable: Technical Services Roundtable (TSRT) DOCX (14.26 KB) C. Parham 6/5/2019
Committee: Staff and Career Development PDF (91.57 KB) M. Jordan 6/5/2019
Roundtable: School Libraries DOCX (6.15 KB) E. Long 6/4/2019
Committee: Publications_Advisory DOCX (22.65 KB) J. Newcome 6/7/2019
Executive Director's Report DOC (34 KB) Administration 6/3/2019
Affiliate: TASL DOCX (38 KB) W. Hopper 6/3/2019
Representative Southeastern Library Association DOCX (13.31 KB) S. Knoche 5/31/2019
Committee: Conference 2020 DOCX (13.53 KB) C. Welch 6/9/2019
Roundtable: Libraries Technology DOCX (13.52 KB) B. Ponnappa 6/3/2019
Roundtable: Public Libraries DOCX (13.14 KB) A. Baker 5/22/2019
Roundtable: Access and Patron Services DOCX (14.04 KB) A. Roach-Freiman 5/17/2019
Affiliate Report: TLA Councilor to ALA PDF (68.51 KB) S. Jennings 5/16/2019
Roundtable: College and University Libraries DOCX (22.52 KB) J. Winberry 5/16/2019

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